A Mechanic’s Manifesto:

This is just to clear up any fuzzy ideas or notions about who I am and what I do.

I have loved music all my life, played guitar and bass since i was 11, played professionally, and worked in technical audio for 30 years.

First as a roadie, then a live sound engineer, then a recording engineer, then a studio tech, and for the last 26 years, a tube audio mechanic / tuner and high performance audio builder.

I fix or upgrade anything that makes or passes music and utilizes vacuum tubes – guitar and bass amps vintage or modern, mic and phono preamps, line amps, compressor/limiters, hi-fi systems, old and new, fancy or plain, cheap or costly.

There are some names you will know on my client list. That does NOT mean I am rich, snotty, over-priced, or inaccessible. Celebrity clients make up approximately 1% of my workflow. Most clients are working or practicing musicians or audiophiles.

In my last 20+ yrs as a professional tube electronics tech I have repaired, upgraded, retubed, restored or modded tens of thousands of tube audio devices.

What that means is I like to work hard, I know what sounds like it should, and how to get the results my clients want.

My repair rates aren’t the very cheapest, but they are far from the most expensive. They are fair, and I won’t sell you any garbage, hype, or anything unnecessary or wrong. I fully guarantee everything.

This allows me to build.

I build just about anything audio and ultra-high-performance – speaker systems, DACs, guitar amps, bass amps, hi-fi systems, studio gear, dj systems, tube or solid state.

My builds are not “products” per se. I have no interest in the dismal sciences of marketing, branding, selling, or duplicating.

I do like networking, but really that’s just a fancy name for hanging out with my friends – other musicians and music lovers.

In design and engineering there are a million right ways to do everything, so I never build anything exactly the same way twice.

Each build has to be original, inspiration-driven, suited to the buyer, be amazingly high performance and deadly sounding and looking. custom-built audio “choppers”, if you will.

I want everyone who sees and hears my builds to say “holy shit!”… that’s part of the fun…

Not a big capitalist scheme, it’s just me integrating the things I love into my life and work as a professional tube electronic technician.